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meatentrance Me at the turnoff to the Trinity site. It is, or at least was open to the public 2 days a year. It was still radioactive, though much less than on an airplane. (I have measured both) It is east of Socorro NM in the White Sands Missle Range. ranch4 Looking towards the ranch house, where work on the bombs was done. ranch2 The old bunkhouse. ranch3 The ranch house. ranch1 The old windmill tower by the water tank. ranchsign A plaque by the ranch house. beauty1 Inside the rnch house are a lot of old photos detailing the work done at the trinity site. beauty2 beauty3 beauty4 beauty5 picatranch1 picatranch2 Sorry, a little blurry as there wasn't a ton of light inside. picatranch3 picatranch4 picatranch5 wholepicatranch innerfenceandzero Looking towards the inner fence surrounding ground zero. The monument is inside, Jumbo is off to the right out of the frame. jumbo About Jumbo. mikeinjumbo A friend standing inside what's left of Jumbo. zero1 The monument where the tower stood where the bomb was detonated. zero2 innerfence1 There is this plaque, as well as several around the inside of the fence. There is also a small open but fenced off building sheltering some trinite that you can see. It was too adrk for a picture. innerfence2 innerfence3 innerfence4 innerfence5 innerfence6

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