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The White Cloud Pegmatite

Being relatively close to my house, I recently decided to pay a visit to this locality to see if I could find anything. There are actually two different quarries, within about 200 feet of each other. My first visit, I spent more time at the eastern one, and my second visit at the western one. I found specimines at each.

One of the two pegmatites

And the other pegmatite, along with abandoned equipment.

Here is some of the small green muscovite that can be found here. It is magnified quite a bit.

Here is some of the gadolinite I found. The lower piece is cyrtolite.

A close up of the small cyrtolite crystals. Unfortunately my camera has a big scratch on the lens.

A close up of one of the larger pieces of gadolinite I found. It measures about 2"x1.5"x1".

Another magnified cluster of cyrtolite crystals.

Xenotime from the quarry. It is a crystal with an odd shape, but I verified it at the School of Mines.

The other side of it.