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My Rocks and Minerals Page

Book Cliffs 10/10/09
McGuire Pegmatite 10/04/09
McGuire Pegmatite 9/27/09
A few things I bought from Moss Rock
Club trip to Mt Antero, also Brown Derby 9/5/09
Club Trip to Hartsel 8/22/09
Seerie Cooper Pegmatite 08/09
Club geode trip 08/09
Leadville Mining Museum  8/09
Graphite Ridge and Calumet Mine  7/12/09
Club Claim 06/06/2009
Book Cliffs 5/23/09
Brown Derby Mine  May 17 2009
Stuff I got at a sale
Book Cliffs May 2-3 2009
White Cloud Pegmatite
Mt Antero
St. Peter's Dome
Wigwam Creek
Wolf Creek Pass
Del Norte area
Harris Park
Lake George area
Salida area
North Table Mountain 1/30/09
North Table Mountain 2/1/09
Various agate  From unknown locations