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This page contains various minerals which we found, mostly from Colorado unless otherwise noted.

A small, clear, deep red rhodochrosite from the Sweet Home mine which I collected during a tour to
the mine when it was operating. They allowed us to dig through the tailings.

Another piece from the Sweet Home.

A piece of blue fluorite with a small bit of rhodochrosite. Sweet Home Mine.

Grossular garnet from Hwy 40 by Lookout Mountain.

More Hwy 40 grossular Garnet.

Barite from Hartsel.

More Hartsel Barite.

A small deep red almandine garnet from Ruby Mountain.

Another almandine that we made into a refridgerator magnet.

Some type of uranium ore I found in a local park.

Some topaz from Topaz Mountain in Utah. We bought these.

Some scepter quartz from Crystal Park in Montana.