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                    My Rover after some A-HOLE cut me off.

I couldn't get a good angle to get the side because of the tow truck., but you can see a lot of
wrinkles that weren't there before.

The front just got a little scraped and dented compared to the rear. The door was ripped off,
and has a good bend in it now. The top door hinge is pushed in and rearward a bit, but the
bottom is fine, probably protected by the slider as the truck was laying on this side.

Passenger side where it first impacted the concrete. You can see concrete dust on the swivel
ring on the bumper.The bumper and wing obviously took a lot. The frame has one bent spot
about over the axle. Rear frame seemed ok although it wouldn't supprise me it the frame was
out of square. It runs, but the engine is hard to start, rough, and doesn't run right. The turbo
is only making 8 psi and it used to make 15, so I don't think all the cylinders are firing.

Hopefully I can flatten my al inner panel back out for the new door.

Outside, complete with new hole. the door came off because the nuts got ripped off the bolts.

A better shot of the rear damage.

The frame behind the front bumper.

And me, for those of you who like the gory stuff.